Rotary      Works very good and made our club life much more easy.
Georg Strommer (Rotary Club Wien-Nestroy)
Rotary      Average RSVP rate is 80% answers to all invitations sent. That's a good basis to make plans with.
Andreas Rosenthal (Rotary Club Wien-Nestroy)
Rotary      Cool stuff - thank you!
Reinhard M. (Round Table 26 Wien)
Rotary      [..] Rotary Club Melk runs RSVP for three weeks now and after only three meetings already 90% of all invitations sent got answered by our members. I wish we would have had RSVP earlier.
Alfred Raderer (Rotary Club Melk a. d. Donau)
Rotary      [..] Really optimal [..] it's Keep it simple & stupid... :-) [..] also for our partly not very computer affine members.
NN (Rotary Club)